Netexplo award winner - Eimei OYAMA, WEARABLE BEHAVIOR NAVIGATION SYSTEM (Japan)

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Presentation of Netexplo 2012 Winner, Wearable Behaviour Navigation System by Eimei Oyama.

Using augmented reality, it is possible to guide a human being remotely and transmit knowledge in real time.

We are no longer talking in terms of long-term theoretical training, but rather the urgent resolution of a problem, immediate action guided by expertise, which is not algorithmic but human: an indisputable revolution when it comes to knowledge transfer tools!

"The wearer of the Behavior Navigation System, using AR technology can see the CG images of an expert's hands over the real images and can conduct various tasks as the expert does by mimicking the movements of the expert directly." Dr Eimei Oyama, Senior Research Scientist, AIST


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