The next generation of digital medicine

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The last few months have seen an exponential growth in the number of apps that all promise the same thing: "to know everything about yourself" in real time, thanks to a list of biometric data established by connected objects or smartphones, using genomes obtained for less than $100!
But, as Dr Saldman states: "to know everything about yourself", to do what?

Because "to know everything about yourself" is not to understand everything! Because "to know everything about yourself" creates anxiety about conforming. And very quickly, "to know everything about yourself" becomes a cause of great anxiety!

To reassure ourselves, we are entrusting our health data to digital applications, and offering our behaviour for their analysis. At the risk of no longer knowing ourselves and no longer acting without digital assistance?

What if trusting your own body and the signals it sends was the best gauge of health and well-being: “my best medication is me!”»


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