Netexplo Forum 2016

From 10/02/2016 To 11/02/2016 | By invitation only

The highlights from a year's observation of global digital innovation

Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th February 2016

The 2016 Netexplo award winners, expert observers and international experts will share the emerging global uses of digital tech and the issues raised for society and business. 

Join us live on during the two days of the Netexplo Forum: 

- Wednesday, February 10th, for global digital innovation

- Thursday, February 11th, online programme on digital transformation of large businesses (only in French)

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  • KAPRON - 23/12/2015 13:48
    Quand reçoit on les invitations?
  • Nicolas MOUCHON - 11/01/2016 14:15
    Est il possible de s'inscrire ? merci
  • Julie MARY-PORCHE - 21/01/2016 13:58
    Quand reçoit on les invitations?
  • Morgane Tesson - 22/01/2016 09:29
    Bonjour. Les inscriptions se font uniquement sur invitations. Celles ci sont adressées aux entreprises adhérentes de l'Observatoire Netexplo. Pour tout complément d'information, merci de m'adresser un email à