Presentation of Todai Robot Project, Netexplo Award winner 2016

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Noriko Arai for Todai Robot Project (Japan), with Professor Pedro Pineda, University of Chile (Chile), Netexplo International University Network

AI goes to college

How long will it take artificial intelligence to get into Todai, the prestigious University of Tokyo by taking the entry exam like any candidate? The target is a decade. In 2011 Japan’s National Institute of Informatics launched the project. The robot has grown in ability year by year, and it achieved a score of 53.8% across 5 subjects, compared with a national average of 43.8%. It is enough to enter more than 63% of the universities in Japan, but not yet Todai. The project is designed to show what kinds of intellectual abilities will be replaced by machines and which new abilities human beings will have to acquire to add value in the labor market.


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