Netexplo Forum 2017

From 26/04/2017 To 27/04/2017 | UNESCO Paris

Move 10 years ahead on digital tech

The Netexplo Forum is the annual event on global digital innovation at UNESCO House, Paris. 

Over two days attendees can share a year's observation of tech around the world, discover the 10 most promising initiatives of the year and the major trends in tomorrow's digital world. 

See you on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th April, 2017 at UNESCO House, where entrepreneurs, researchers, philosophers, sociologists, journalists and executives explain and analyse how digital tech is shaping our world. 

Please confirm you are attending by April 21th, 2017 >

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  • Julie MARY-PORCHE - 21/02/2017 09:07
    bonjour. Quand pourrons nous nous inscrire ?
  • Morgane Tesson - 06/04/2017 14:40
    Les inscriptions sont ouvertes. Demandez vos invitations sur