Netexplo Award Winners 2016

The annual Netexplo Awards recognise the most original and significant new uses of digital tech.

The 10 Netexplo Award Winners are selected by Netexplo’s network of experts from the innovations in the annual Netexplo 100. The winning innovations come from all over the world and reflect the emerging uses of technology across society and business. Their creators are invited to the annual Netexplo Forum to share their vision.

A panel of experts and members of client companies vote for the annual Grand Prix, which is announced at the Netexplo Forum. The first winners in 2008 included Twitter, a 3D printer and Psiphon anti-surveillance software.

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IKO Creative Prosthetic System

Turning children's disability into a source of creativity

Colombian designer Carlos Torres wanted to help children with malformed or injured arms feel less isolated by making their disability feel less of a burden or a stigma. He thought of a modular prosthesis that children can play around with. The project led to a prosthetic hand that is compatible with Lego parts. Children can customise it by picking different shapes, colours and accessories. As well as technology, imagination can help children overcome a handicap.

The score is 4.5

Netexplo Award Winners 2016