Aelectra Netexplo 100 2018

A smart green « wallpaper »
Aelectra is a smart “wallpaper” made from recycled PET, powered by a smart battery and green energy, that replaces an electric heating system. It can be applied on all surfaces (wall, ceiling, floor) and can work with smart home solutions. Capable of reaching its highest temperature (33 degrees) in one minute, its very short reaction time makes the heating system flexible. For example, the system could stop as soon as you open a window and start again when you close it.

Aelectra is an example of a smart, environmentally-friendly surface that can fit into a smart home and adapt to its inhabitants’ way of life in real time. According to its creators, the system can also be connected to motion detectors and switch on only if a person is in the room.
The score is 3