AI couple therapy outcome prediction Netexplo 100 2018

AI couple therapy outcome prediction
Let's stay together (or not)
A research team from the University of South California have trained an artificial intelligence to predict the outcome of couples therapy more accurately than a human therapist. The machine learning algorithm was fed with vocal records of 134 couples undergoing therapy over two years. It became capable of predicting the therapy's outcome based on vocal analysis (tone, intensity). In the meantime, video records of the same sessions were given to experts to make their own predictions. Surprisingly, their predictions were less accurate than the algorithm's: 75.6% were correct versus 79.3%.

This research work is a part of a series of innovations trying to predict human behaviour with digital intelligence (cf. Elderly fall prevention system, Suicide prediction algorithm, Cloudwalk). Here, the digital solution surpasses human experts even though they had access to more complete data (spoken words and body language).
The score is 3