Anti AI AI Netexplo 100 2018

Anti AI AI
A chill down the neck to warn you against synthetic voices
The R&D team of Australian digital agency DT prototyped an ear wearable that notifies users when it detects a machine-generated voice, sending a chill down the user’s neck. The Anti AI AI is worn on the ear like a hearing aid. It is connected via Bluetooth to a mobile app livestreaming the audio to a neural network trained to distinguish real and synthetic voices. When a non-human voice is detected, the device alerts the wearer by a chill down the neck using a thermoelectric plate. 

The post-truth era is just getting started: with innovations like Lyrebird, we will soon be surrounded by machine-generated voices. We risk getting list in a sea of disinformation powered by AI and the Anti AI AI could show us the way. So, could AI be both the threat and the solution? But the fact remains that in the process, we are slowly giving up our decision-making power to AI, and most importantly to its creators.
The score is 3