Bridge Netexplo 100 2018

Real motion through a virtual world
Bridge is a mixed reality headset designed by the start-up Occipital. Thanks to software called Bridge Engine, Bridge lets you move simultaneously in your real environment and in virtual reality. The headset scans the room to show it on screen and adds digital elements that the user can interact with a controller similar to the Wiimote. Conversely, Bridge can open a gate in your living room to a virtual environment that you can freely explore by moving around the room. To avoid accidents, the real physical obstacles are indicated on the screen by red shapes. Designed to work with an iPhone, the commercial version of the headset went out in April 2017 and costs 400 dollars.

As the name suggests, Bridge is an interface creating portals between physical and digital worlds and blurring the lines between them. Bringing together the best of both worlds, mixed reality goes beyond mere entertainment. It could be used for workplace training or virtual tours of real places. 
The score is 2