Cataki Netexplo Award Winner 2018

Tinder for waste picking
There are more than 400,000 “catadores” (waste pickers) on Brazil’s streets. Cataki is an app created by the NGO Pimp My Carroça that matches people who have rubbish to recycle with catadores in their neighbourhoods. More than 1000 households and 300 catadores have already downloaded the app. On future versions, people will post photos of their rubbish, and catadores will accept or reject it by swiping right or left, like on Tinder.

On Cataki, nearby catadores can be visualised on a map, like Uber, but the founder prefers to comapre the app with Tinder and insists that Cataki takes no cut from the catadores. The app makes these invisible (or even rejected) yet essential workers more visible and attractive and aims to develop recycling and local cooperation.  
The score is 3