Coded Couture from Google & H&M Netexplo 100 2018

Coded Couture from Google & H&M
A personalized dress based on your data
Google and Ivyrevel, a subsidiary of H&M, are working on an app that can create a personalized dress based on your lifestyle. The app uses the Awareness API developed by Google that lets users create context-based features. Once your permission is given, the app tracks your daily activity (locations, physical activity, weather, etc.) and lifestyle. After the course of a week, you just have to choose an occasion – party, gala, or business – and the algorithm takes care of the rest, creating  a digitally tailored “Data Dress” based on all collected information. 

This app is a push marketing tool that shows a paradox between the promise of personalization and the absence of co-creation. In the end, users give up their decision-making power to an algorithm and the profiling, like all monitoring features, raises potential risks.
The score is 3