ContinUse Biometrics Netexplo 100 2018

ContinUse Biometrics
Biometric sensors to keep traders under surveillance
Israeli start-up ContinUse Biometrics' sensors have an application outside the medical sector. The contactless sensors monitor multiple physiological parameters: heartbeat, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, blood alcohol and glucose, etc. Beyond the obvious utility for health monitoring, ContinUse Biometrics develops solutions aimed at companies: biometric access management but also monitoring and optimization of employees' performances. The start-up for example works with the US bank Citibank where sensors are used to track the traders' health condition (alcohol rate, stress level) and secure transactions (traders are identified by the unique sound produced by their heart).

This is an example of a medical tool that's diverted to a business use for the sake of efficiency. Managers insight into their employees' wellbeing, for the sole purpose of optimizing productivity, with all the privacy and confidentiality issues that entails. The sensors enable remote data capture at up to 400 meters in any environment, making zero-interface monitoring possible, whether employees like it or not.
The score is 3