CoolHobo Netexplo 100 2018

Do your grocery shopping in virtual reality!
CoolHobo is a virtual reality platform designed for use in store. The app targets two key audiences in China: tech-savvy Millennials and consumers fond of European brands. Founded by French entrepreneur Loïc Kobes, the start-up lets them discover European gastronomy with high-end imported products and to immerse themselves in a European lifestyle. For example, in the wine section, the consumer can virtually visit a French vineyard, discover its story and learn how to serve wine. 

Loïc Kobes, founder of CoolHobo, believes that in the end we will go shopping in a virtual store right from our couch. We are not there yet but CoolHobo offers an enhanced in-store experience, between reality and virtuality, in which consumers are guided through their purchasing journey. 
The score is 3