Earbud smile controller Netexplo 100 2018

Earbud smile controller
Controlling your smartphone with a smile and an earbud
A prototype earbud that can detect facial expressions, like a wink, to control your smartphone. When you make a facial expression or move your head, your ear canal makes a different shape. According to the research of Denys Matthies, a Ph.D student at Fraunhofer Institute, facial muscle movements induce both electric field changes and physical deformations, which can be detected with electrodes inside the ear canal. With 90 percent accuracy, the prototype detects five different expressions including smiling, winking, turning your head to the right, opening your mouth and saying “shh". 

In line with the zero-interface trend, this earbud makes a hand-free and fluid interaction between our body and our devices. Technology penetrates our body and enhance its capabilities. 
The score is 3