Eva Netexplo 100 2018

A connected bra to detect breast cancer
Teenager Julian Rios Cantu designed a connected bra to detect breast cancer symptoms, before launching a start-up with three friends. Named Eva, the bra is equipped with biometric sensors, who map the breast surface and can detect abnormalities in breast thermal patterns and tissue elasticity. The data is then analysed by an algorithm and the patient can check the risk assessment via an app. Women just have to wear the bra 90 minutes each week to obtain a reliable result. 

The prototype is currently being tested. The algorithm was fed with breast data from about 150 women and has a 89% accuracy (percentage of cancer cases detected as such). In Mexico, breast screening by mammography is expensive and often requires a long wait. Eva could democratize the access to breast screening, in a non-invasive way at home. The user can also use the biometric patches with her own underwear.

The score is 3