FlowLight Netexplo 100 2018

Can’t you see I’m working?
A desk-mounted LED that tells your colleagues whether it’s a good time to interrupt you. The FlowLight system tracks keyboard strokes and mouse clicks, and if your activity is within the top 9% of your average range, then the LED glows red, warning colleagues not to bother you. And don’t be afraid to be frowned upon if you have a slacking moment: to protect workers’ privacy, the light can only be red for 13% of each day, no matter how hard the person is working.

Here, people are passive and subjected to an algorithm. It’s for their own good, but in spite of all precautions taken by its creators, FlowLight could serve to monitor employees’ productivity. And the system only judges the intensity with which people interact with their computer, even if they are not necessarily working. Moreover, it doesn’t take into account the time spent thinking.
The score is 3