Giuseppe by The Not Company Netexplo Award Winner 2018

Giuseppe by The Not Company
An AI creating plant-based substitutes for animal products
The Not Company is a food-tech start-up that uses artificial intelligence to create food from plants. They have developed Giuseppe, an algorithm which generates substitutes of popular food from only plant-based ingredients, imitating the taste and the texture of the original food. Giuseppe was fed by a database describing the molecular properties of a large number of food and plants. It is then capable of detecting which plants to combine to reproduce the desired taste and texture. The Not Company already markets its mayonnaise and other products like yoghurt, milk and cheese should soon follow.

With Giuseppe, artificial intelligence is driving sustainable development. The start-up’s founders start from the principle that if we asked science for the best way to feed the 7 billion human beings on the planet, the answer would certainly not be "animals". And according to them, 80% of their customers are not vegans, which shows that plant alternatives could go mainstream.
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