Hand that Sees Netexplo Award Winner 2018

Hand that Sees
An intuitive bionic hand

A bionic hand that can see objects by itself makes them easier to grasp. Fitted with a camera, this prosthesis automatically chooses the best way to grasp an object. In a fluid movement, the hand sees the object and reacts accordingly. Current prostheses, using myoelectric signals, require training and concentration. In this case, the hand is able to recognize the object and decide by itself what the most suitable grasp is among four available positions. Capable of analysing the shape and size of things, it can react to an unknown object.

This bionic hand goes one step further towards symbiotic collaboration between human intention and the technical efficiency of an artificial intelligence. The decision-making question is central here: the hand anticipates the grasp of an object even before the human formulates their intention. Beyond the obvious benefit for disabled people, an alternative application could interest industrial firms: the bionic hand could belong to an intelligent robot, capable of precise, smooth handling.

The score is 3