Hayo Netexplo 100 2018

Your house becomes a universal remote
Hayo turns everyday objects, surfaces, and spaces into virtual remote controls for your smart home. After scanning the room, Hayo starts by creating a 3D image of it. Then, with the dedicated app, you can make objects, surfaces or even mid-air spaces virtual remote controls for your connected objects. For example, you can make your coffee table a play button for your sound system or place an on/off button for your lights right above your bed.

Hayo uses augmented reality and visual recognition where Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart home devices bet on voice recognition. Recognizing natural movements and gestures, Hayo is easy to use and could also make disabled people’s lives easier. And unlike its competitors produced by the GAFA, Hayo does not record or film anything, which is good news for privacy!
The score is 3