Hearing Rescue Netexplo 100 2018

Hearing Rescue
Hearing aid becoming a smart vibrating bracelet at night
Most hearing-impaired people take off their hearing aids to sleep, but night is when most dangers occur. Hearing Rescue is a hearing aid that turns into a vibrating bracelet. In night mode, the bracelet is programmed to detect danger sounds (alarms, sirens, barking) and to wake the user up by vibrations. Created by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the Deaf Association of Bangkok, the device can be pre-ordered for 200 dollars. 

Hearing-impaired people daily life is complicated but it becomes even more difficult (and dangerous) at night. Once their hearing aid removed, because they are uncomfortable to sleep, people feel like shut off from the world. They become even more vulnerable in case of danger. This 2-in-1 interface enables hearing-impaired people to remain independent and safe 24 hours a day.
The score is 3