HoloLamp Netexplo 100 2018

Augmented reality without headset or glasses
HoloLamp is a portable device that adds interactive 3D content to the user's environment. The project is one of the first to put the technology of spatial augmented reality into practice. Sensors capture the environment's geometry and the user's face position and adjust the image in real time to create a 3D illusion. Guillaume Chican, the engineer behind HoloLamp, is planning a crowdfunding campaign to turn the prototype into a marketable product with a development kit on Unity, a development platform for 3D environments.

HoloLamp is an interface-free augmented reality device, with no uncomfortable headset or glasses cutting the user off from its environment. Unlike AR solutions based on smartphones or tablets, users have their hands free and can interact naturally with their mixed reality environment.
The score is 3