Konpyuta ga shosetsu wo kaku hi Netexplo 100 2017

Konpyuta ga shosetsu wo kaku hi
The Day A Computer Wrote A Novel
Konpyuta ga shosetsu wo kaku hi or "The Day a Computer Wrote a Novel was shortlisted for the Hoshi Shinichi literary prize, but it wasn’t written by Professor Hitoshi Matsubara. 
His AI program wrote the novel from a brief outline of the plot and characters.
A jury member commented, “I was astonished to find out it was written by a machine, but the characters need fleshing out.”
Can software create art? Human artists adapt existing models and material to their own artistic purposes, just like the software behind this short novel. We like to think art is exclusively human, but maybe we're just reassuring ourselves.
The score is 3