Oshi-el Netexplo 100 2018

Need advice on love?
Oshi-el is an IA that answers Japanese people’s relationship questions, like a virtual agony aunt. Designed by NTT Resonant, that also operates Goo search engine, the algorithm is based on 190,000 questions and 770,000 answers from the website’s forum. Based on this data, Oshi-el can build a generic answer structure that includes sympathy, encouragement, possible explanations and a suggested solution to the problem. 

According to the researchers, Oshi-el is the first digital intelligence designed to address non-factoid questions, with the goal of developing an empathic IA. For now, while they make sense, the answers still come across as a bit scripted. To be able to write a more comprehensive answer, an AI would need to actually “understand” the question, which is not yet the case here. 
The score is 3