OxSight Netexplo 100 2018

Augmented reality glasses to restore sight
With artificial vision algorithms and cameras, OxSight AR glasses help the visually impaired better recognize objects in their environment. The product uses the sight they still have (detection of light, shapes, movements) and amplifies it to make the environment more visible. Users can customize their experience and adjust the correction according to their impairment (contrast, colours, zoom, etc.). The start-up was born at Oxford University and is now testing its product with volunteers before marketing it. 

The device maps three-dimensional spaces similar to how the brain actually does: each element is a layer. OxSight glasses add cartoon-like layers to the user's surroundings to make them more understandable. This digital interface corrects human impairment, in a personalized way, to enhance the visually impaired and increase their autonomy.
The score is 3