Polygram Netexplo 100 2018

A social network turning your reactions into emojis
To compete with Snapchat or Instagram, this start-up is banking on emotion recognition. The app uses a neuronal network to capture automatically your reaction to a post (photo, video, message), to analyse it and to translate it into an emoji. When you post a photo, you can see which reactions it aroused among your audience, but also analytics (location, sex, time spent). Polygram also proposes a "wipe to reveal" option to protect your confidential messages from screenshots. You have to "wipe" your screen to reveal the photo that never completely appears.

The app has similar features to Snapchat and Instagram (stories, Discover, filters). Polygram is unlikely to replace them, but its features could interest its competitors who might try to acquire or even copy them. Polygram makes the decision to react on users' behalf as their reactions are automatically transmitted to the sender, unless they're completely indifferent. 
The score is 5