Safari Central Netexplo 100 2018

Safari Central
Crowdfunding wildlife conservation through an AR game
Millions of people love wildlife animals but how can we use this love to preserve endangered species? Though IoT, augmented reality and gaming, according to Internet of Elephants, the Nairobi-based start-up behind Safari Central. Based on migratory data provided by conservation NGOs, rhinoceros or elephants appear and wander in the player’s city streets, just like Pokemon Go. By playing Safari Central, users learn more about these animals’ real lives.

A Pokemon Go-like game for a good cause: the game serves to fund species protection projects, at the user’s choice. The money from in-app purchases goes directly to foundations working for the conservation of the six wild animals featured in the game. Safari Central (just like Arooound) prefigures the explosion of augmented reality apps to expect in coming years.
The score is 3