A robot writing and playing its own music
Shimon is a robot that can write its own music and play it. Developed at Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, Shimon performs its own compositions on a marimba using four arms and eight sticks. The artificial intelligence behind Shimon has been fed with nearly 5,000 complete songs and more than 2 million motifs, riffs and licks of music. Shimon can improvise if you give it the first four measures to use as a starting point. A marimba is quite difficult to play for humans since you need to handle four sticks with only two hands, but this is not a problem for Shimon!

Shimon is part of The Robotic Musicianship Group at Georgia Tech that aims to facilitate musical interactions between humans and machines. This innovation questions the robot abilities to create art (and its potential talent). But we must keep in mind that Shimon learned all it knows about music from human-made songs, which is far from being neutral.
The score is 3