Smart Needle Netexplo 100 2018

Smart Needle
A smart needle to make brain surgery safer
The slightest error during brain surgery can have irreversible consequences: touching a blood vessel can lead to fatal bleeding. The University of Adelaide has developed a smart needle that guides surgeons and helps them detect and avoid vulnerable blood vessels. A micro-camera is encased in a biopsy needle emitting infrared light. It is connected to a computer that analyzes images and identifies vessels and tissues in real time. After a pilot test on 12 patients, the smart needle will enter clinical trials in 2018.

Brain surgeons currently rely on scans taken prior to surgery to find their way and avoid hitting blood vessels. The smart needle offers a more efficient alternative by giving surgeons access to more accurate information, updated in real time. In this case, IoT makes surgery safer and opens the way to new surgical techniques, thanks to close collaboration between brain surgeons and digital intelligence.
The score is 3