Smell of Data Netexplo 100 2018

Smell of Data
Cybersecurity: it smells like trouble!
A connected scent dispenser to warn Internet users against cybersecurity risks. Smell of Data is inspired by natural gas: it has no smell so we added an odour component to make leaks easier to detect. Thanks to a scent dispenser connected to your devices, a puff is released as a warning signal when you visit an unprotected website or an unsecured WiFi network.

Our sense of smell alerts us to danger in our everyday life (gas leak, burning, etc.). A precious instinct useless online! Just like the smell of a gas leak, Smell of Data warns you of potential data leaks. This sensory information brings home a danger that we all have been warned against but that we tend to forget. Security breaches are often invisible but they are no longer odourless!
The score is 3