SMIS pptVR Netexplo 100 2018

A platform to democratize virtual reality content creation
Created by the Indian start-up SMIS, pptVR aims to be the Powerpoint of virtual reality: the platform enables people to create virtual reality content in a few clicks without writing lines of codes. The platform features a library of 360° backgrounds that you can interlink and enhance with images, videos, texts, etc. The universes are then easy to share. For example, a real estate website can offer virtual visits of the available properties enriched with information on each room features.

PptVR is one of these platforms that try to democratize the knowledge of current booming technologies and skills that go with it (just like Status for blockchain, Rigetti Forest for quantum computing or SingularityNET for artificial intelligence). It also paves the way among the general public before the explosion of virtual reality apps to expect in the coming years.
The score is 3