Starling Crossing Netexplo 100 2018

Starling Crossing
An interactive crosswalk
Starling Crossing is a responsive crosswalk that adjusts its size in real time and appears only when it's safe for you to cross. Created by the urban design group Umbrellium in partnership with the insurer Direct Line, Starling Crossing consists of LEDs, cameras and an algorithm based on a neural network identifying the various road users - pedestrian, cyclist, car. It calculates their precise location and anticipates their trajectory. Starling grows wider if a large number of pedestrians are waiting. And in dangerous situations, for example if a pedestrian is rushing across the street in a car’s blindspot, the device draws the driver’s attention to the hidden pedestrian’s trajectory by LED patterns.

A life-size prototype has been installed in the South of London. To speed up the innovation’s development, the code is accessible in open source. This pop-up interface aims to make urban traffic smoother and safer. It could be part of a smart city capable of modulating in real time according to demand. Its designers are already convinced that it could eventually replace our traditional red lights.
The score is 3