Talkpush Netexplo 100 2016

Recruiting in the mobile age

Uses of digital tech are profoundly changing recruitment process by providing more effective and simpler solutions, both for businesses and candidates. With TalkPush, employers take a few moments to record some interview questions and candidates then answer these questions using their phone, mobile or the web. This free virtual interview can take place 24/7. To share in-house job applications more effectively, companies can share their recordings, comment on them and evaluate them in order to select the best profile from the platform. So everything is now in place to make the recruitment process easier for employers and their potential employees.

The score is 5

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  • Max Armbruster - 23/01/2016 01:33
    Our automated phone interviewing software currently interviews a candidate every 3 minutes. Drop me a line to find out more on: Cheers!