Wysa Netexplo 100 2018

Fighting mental health disorders by talking to a chatbot
Wysa is an AI-powered "emotionally intelligent" chatbot that acts as a virtual coach for people suffering from mental health disorders. Inspired by cognitive behavioural therapy, Wysa reassures and advises users, gives them relaxation tips and directs them to a therapist if needed. The chatbot has had over 3 million conversations with people from 30 countries. It could prove very useful, especially in India where there are only 5,000 therapists for more than a billion people.

Many chatbots are being developed to answer a growing need for listening and empathy (e.g. Mr Young, Replika, End of life chatbot). Its inability to feel emotions seems to be the last challenge artificial intelligence is facing. Yet we prefer to turn to a chatbot rather than a loved one or a professional when it comes certain sensitive subjects.
The score is 3