A journey through Smart Cities : Between Datapolis and Participolis Publication 2015

Welcome to the world of Smart Cities! Beirut, Bordeaux, Boston, Shanghai, Copenhague, Jakarta, Dubai, Gothenburg, Hyderabad, Las Vegas, Sydney, Mexico City, Barcelona, New York, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Sydney, Santiago de Chile, Singapore, Songdo, and many more. Covering 45 cities in 32 countries, the author of this report takes us on a world tour of the projects and laboratories for our future cities, to better understand how our urban life could develop. 

Topics discussed include mobility, environmental protection, sustainable development, new types of socialisation, a sharing economy, and more. As cities undergo their own digital transformation, they have become the scene of new confrontations, in which dominant positions are redistributed. 

This book, "Between Datapolis and Participolis", is intended for people working in political, economic, social and technological spheres as well as anyone wanting to understand our future living environments in order to reflect not on what the specifications for our cities should be but rather what possibilities there are. 

Francis Pisani has been a journalist, writer, blogger and conference speaker on Internet issues and new technologies since 1997. Most notably, he has taught at the University of Stanford and the IEP in Paris. He is a member of Netexplo Observatory’s network of international experts.

francispisani.net    @francispisani

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