Netexplo Trend Report 2015 Netexplo Trend report 2015

This year the Netexplo Observatory is focusing on the vast range of new services that digital tech offers the individual through its study “My Smart Life”. As tech becomes an extension of the self, connected individuals are empowered to decode reality, make better choices, relate to others and share resources.

Three major themes group together the six trends for 2015:

- "My smart, protective surroundings" is the promise of the internet of things and smart cities, guiding us and keeping us safe as we explore our immediate environment.

- "Smart relations to grow up and empathize" describes digital tutoring that trains and supports individuals through a new form of social intelligence.

- "Our (too) smart, sustainable future" reflects concerns over our future in human as well as environmental terms: How can we optimise the use of natural resources? What future is artificial intelligence likely to shape?

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