Netexplo Trend report 2016 Netexplo Trend report 2016

Every year the Netexplo Observatory publishes the Netexplo Trend report. This forward-looking sociological study focuses on how digital tech is shaping tomorrow’s society or even a new civilisation.

Just as it has done in previous years, the Netexplo Trend Report covers a wide range of subjects and, as in the past, trends are emerging that give a relative unity to the whole.

Each year, many of the innovations picked out are an extension of past trends. If all they do is bear out past trends, we put them to one side. On the other hand, any new angle interests us. For a single theme, you can see the emergence of new waves, through concept-led or technological innovations that take us along different pathways or open up new perspectives.

This year, 2016, is no exception. Three themes stand out. The first revolves around the body and biology, the second relates to robotics and artificial intelligence, and the third concerns interpersonal and economic exchanges. These three themes cover 70% of the innovations in the Netexplo 100.

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